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Posted By: Roger the Skiffler
18-Sep-08 - 06:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: Postcard from Dendros* 2008
Subject: RE: BS: Postcard from Dendros* 2008
In the UK, "lads' mags" (which I am reliably informed often contain photos of unfeasibly well built young ladies and enviously endowed young gentlemen without any clothes) are restricted to the top shelf in newsagents to keep them out of the view of children. This seems to discriminate unfairly against mature persons of restricted growth. However, in Greece they are happily displayed lower down among the Asterix and Disney magazines beloved of Greek children. My in-depth researches have not spotted any issues of Playgoat among the international magazines on offer, although some of my younger Greek friends often tease each other with accusations of succumbing to the desires of a lonely goatherd for his caprine companions.
        This struck me recently when a broadcaster, blogger* and elegant writer about things Greek, among others, was photographing (yet another) goat. He was being heckled by his insensitive companions who felt this particular goat was playing up for the camera and was angling to be Playnanny of the Month ("eyes, teeth and horns, dear") when the animal in question reduced the spectators to tears of laughter as she licked her lips lasciviously as if on cue.
      Another young hobbled goat in an unfenced field liked to escape down to the beach in the hope of a more varied diet, it also followed around one of the village dogs (female), possibly in search of love, but I couldn't see a long term future in the relationship.