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Posted By: The Shambles
19-Jun-00 - 09:38 AM
Thread Name: What Is it with the World???
Subject: What Is it with the World???
I have been to many so-called 'World Music' events lately. We used to have some idea of what to expect at these events. Now it seems anything goes?

I think my pet hate is those nose flutes from Sunev. Now the sound of them are OK but as you are aware, Naisunev's have five noses or what passes for noses, I am nor sure what the correct term is for that orifice? When all five are blowing flat out, you can hardly hear any other instruments.

The Traf is a wonderful sounding instrument. For those that have not heard one, it sounds a little like the bassoon but with a deeper, somewhat 'fruity' sound. It does have one fatal drawback however. In the hands or more accurately the cheeks of a skilled player from Sunaru, it can be a wonderful experience but alas usually a short one. As you may know the Traf is blown from the anal region of the Sunaru. The sound is fine but the smell………

Now I know World music when I smell it and no one is going to convince me that this is it……