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Posted By: barrygeo
19-Jun-00 - 11:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: Are You a Real Paddy or a Plastic Paddy?
Subject: RE: BS: Are You a Real Paddy or a Plastic Paddy?
Plastic Paddy's are a unique sub culture within Irish society. For the most part they are to be found in their natural habitat in the southern part of Dublin city called D4. They can be found in lesser numbers in many parts of the world and are easily identified by their strange accent. A sure giveaway is if you hear the term 'royt' or if they describe the dublin light rail system as the 'Dort'. The strange dialect was designed to hide their true origins as Irish and to pretend the were part of some other culture perhaps British or American. For years they ridiculed Irish Culture as UnCool but since the rest of the world recognises the music and song of Ireland they grudgingly accept that it may after all be cool. Being a 'Real Paddy' is not about where your grandfather came from. Its an attitude to life. Their are no other qualifications. IMHO - Barry.