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Posted By: Irish sergeant
19-Jun-00 - 09:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Are You a Real Paddy or a Plastic Paddy?
Subject: RE: BS: Are You a Real Paddy or a Plastic Paddy?
My friend I don't know what Irish you have been living amongst so I'll not comment on your seeming generalization. You state you know of what you write and for those you live amongst, you likely do. So what are you going to do? Will you give into the temptation to further ignorance and suspicion in a world that has far too much of both commodities already, or will you rise above that? I stated a while back in another thread that Racism is a tool of the ignorant and I stand by that. I Quote Kevin Conroy in the movie "Gettysburg" "I will be judged by what I do not by who my father is" It is a very apt statement and it is one that I try to live by. I am proud of my heritage which is Scots, Irish, English and Swiss but I also recognize the shortcomings each have faced in their histories. I am not a Plastic Paddy, I am Neil MacMillan and I stand on my own merits. All I expect of others is that they recognize that. Enough ranting for tonight. HAve a great night All, best reguards, Neil