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Posted By: Stringsinger
23-Sep-08 - 11:04 AM
Thread Name: Guitar: Teeny Tiny Fingers
Subject: RE: Guitar: Teeny Tiny Fingers
The thing that never gets mentioned because it's not in vogue these days is the nature vrs. nurture argument. Regardless of the size of the hand it's the variable of finger dexterity
which in my view (and I'll get lots of argument from many on this) is an

The size doesn't matter as much as the flexibility and the dexterity to be a great guitarist.
This is in the DNA.

I know personally that this is true because I have worked for many years to achieve what little facility I have on the guitar and banjo. I don't have natural finger dexterity. I had to
work my ass off to play as little as I do now.

That's the measurable item.

Frank Hamilton