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Posted By: The Shambles
20-Jun-00 - 06:54 AM
Thread Name: What Is it with the World???
Subject: RE: What Is it with the World???
Now on my many collecting trips around the universe, I have come to know many Discriminatory Terms. Although their personal habits do not make them ideal folk to invite for tea, they are not to be confused at all with Vogons and should not be lumped together..

Now their close cousins the Un-Discriminatory Terms are a different kettle of fish altogether, much more Vogon like. They again should not to be confused with the Anti-discriminatory Terms, or indeed the Anti-Discriminatory Practices, a well-intentioned but often misunderstood race of beings.

The latter are very proficient on the silent but deadly version of the Traf….. The name of which escapes me? I have heard them mention the word 'tnuc', but I think it may have be a word that many of these backward folk use to describe people from our planet?

What part of the Quadrant do these Steadfast Wobblies originate and have they produced any worthwhile music?