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Posted By: Azizi
30-Sep-08 - 12:15 PM
Thread Name: Children's songs about gardens/plants
Subject: RE: Children's songs about gardens/plants
erwanda55, while the song "Pick A Bale OF Cotton" may be a catchy fun to sing children's song, I dislike that song and as an African American, I wouldn't teach "Pick A Bale Of Cotton" to children in the USA because rightly or wrongly "picking cotton" has become associated with African American slavery, and that song has associated with it a non-politically correct connotation of minimizing the strenuous labor of Black folks.

I don't mean to be contentious. Nor do I mean to comment further on this topic in this thread*. However, I think that any person who is [particularly a person who is non-Black] who introduces this song to Black children [and I have no way of knowing that this is the population you are teaching], needs to consider the cultural implications of songs that they may teach.

*There are several Mudcat threads about the "Pick A Bale of Cotton" song. Here's a link to my comment in one of those threads {which of course leads to all the other posted comments about that song}: