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Posted By: Bill H //\\
30-Sep-08 - 07:13 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger on Late Night! Sept. 29, 2008
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger on Late Night! Sept. 29, 2008
Mark Ross: "Blather" by Letterman is just right.

    I waited and I waited until I finally gave up (did tape the last 20 min.) so I saw PS this morning.

      I admit that Letterman did a nice tribute to Paul Newman with a story that seemed to go on forever and made, basically, no point. Then over 20 minutes (I put the set on "mute"--the most important button on a remote) to avoid the blather of Ms Dreyfus and her inane stories of fashion and safari. Then I turned on the tape--could not take more of Letterman and his toady Schaefer (ala Carson's McMann) Best to stick to Jon Stewart and Colbert for intelligent wit. Sad that there are no more conversational late-night shows like Cavett of years back. Or even Paar.

       As to Pete S. Unless they and Pete S.felt this was a good opportunity for Appleseed (and I truly respect and admire the label) to promote this wonderful recording (At 89) I cannot understand why he bothered with this---for want of a better word--"crap"--which defines most of Letterman's programs. Leno as well.

       On a side note--nice that Letterman did take McCain to task--albeit for the wrong reasons. Yet, how sad it is that the vote getting things in today's campaigns are sound bytes on shows like this.

Bill Hahn