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Posted By: Art Thieme
30-Sep-08 - 10:14 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger on Late Night! Sept. 29, 2008
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger on Late Night! Sept. 29, 2008
Damn, I missed it. BUT -- back in them proverbial old days, 1959 I think, I saw Pete on PLAYBOY'S PENTHOUSE TV show---hosted by Hugh Hefner---surrounded by 20 bunnies lounging around the pad and pool. Of course, Pete was great and got 'em all singing. I taped it with my huge old 2-track Webcore reel-to-reel recorder. I gave that tape to Fritz and Mary Schuler in Wisconsin, and just a few months ago, Fritz sent me a CD of it---along with a 1944 radio show that Woody Guthrie did. Produced by Alan Lomax for the U.S. Department Of Health. The program's intent was to make soldiers and everyone aware of the ravages of syphilis --- and V.D. in general.------ Amazing stuff.

But, that old TV show was a fine performance by Pete too.

I sent Pete a note asking him about the V.D, awareness show because Fritz was sure it was Pete's banjo backing up Woody. Pete wrote back that he didn't remember doing that with Woody! He also said it couldn't have been 1944 because he was in the army those years.

Quite an amazing man, I'm thinking!!!

Art Thieme---looking back from the last day of September in 2008.

(If it wasn't for time, we'd have to do everything all at once!)