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Posted By: john f weldon
01-Oct-08 - 12:38 PM
Thread Name: john f weldon self-sacrifice
Subject: RE: john f weldon self-sacrifice
Thanks, all. Here's the truth....

This song didn't have much to do with politics, it was all based on a successful trip to the dentist! No kidding. Instead of the usual bawling out, I was praised for my excellent flossing!! When I came out, I was glowing with egotistical confidence! (it doesn't take much, eh?) With these, teeth, this mouth, I could change the world!!! The lyrics started pouring into my head.... ..when I got home, I recorded it.

...a couple of years have passed, and I see Sarah. Absolutely nothing in common with her, but still, she's kinda good-looking... ...could I work the old Weldon charm, and save the world???

As you can see, I live in a mostly fantasy world. But these days (let's face it!) reality sucks!

Here's the lyrics, as requested:

One Kiss From Me

        Verse 1: Conservative
When first we met, she was Conservative...
She called it "Libertarian"... was really rather right!
She loved those Potentates...
George Bush and Billy Gates....
And claimed that reading Ayn Rand would help me see the light!

One kiss from me... ...she was a Socialist!
She cursed all Corporations as a Capitalist Blight!
Protesting social wrongs,
She sang those Wobbly songs...
And winsomely she whispered:
                 "Workers Of the World, Unite!"

        Verse 2: Religious
When we first met, she was religious....
Opined that if I didn't change, I'd meet a fiery fate!
Her favourite dishes
Were loaves and fishes...
And every Sunday morn, she would transubstantiate!

One kiss from me, she was UnGodly!
Reason was the only road to finding what was true
Empirical Evidence
Replaced her Reverence...
Still, at the Second Coming she cried out "Hallelooo"...

        Verse 3: Opera
When we first met, she loved the Opera
Wagner, Verdi, Puccini and the lot...
First it's Brunhilda, Ho!
And on to Figaroooo...
And all the silly riddles
                in that nonsense Turandot!

One kiss from me... ...she played the banjo...
Clawhammered Cripple Creek...   ...and never missed a fret!
She played "Cotton-Eyed Joe"
I fiddled with her Bow!
The bagpipe and the squeezebox... ...played a sweet duet!

        Verse 4
Quand je l'ai rencontré pour la premier fois,
elle parlait francais..
Bonjour, maudit anglais, chalis! Comment sa va,
Tu veux passer la nuit
Crisse, sacramouille...
Tabernac, un grand poutine, et quelque chose comme ca!

Un baiser de moi... ...and she spoke English!
"Pleased to be aquainted since the night is rather young.."
And when she offered me
Some crumpet with with my tea
We partook of many pleasantries of the English Tongue!

        Verse 5: Restrained
When we first met, she was celibate...
And all the things that I liked, she said she wouldn't like...
All ardour she'd disdain...
Just like an old refrain...
She put up such resistance, I surmised she was a "person who preferred the company of her lady friends.."

One kiss from me, ... she was insatiable!
So enthusiastic,   I feared it wouldn't ebb...
When she suggested more,
I just crawled out the door...
Now she posts naughty pictures of her self upon the web!


Let's see now... the feminist-vegetarian, the Bhuddist, the librarian...
The Post Modern New age de-constructionist!
When I'd Kissem
They'd drop their isms...
They forget their ideologies, but knew that they'd been kissed!