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Posted By: Mini Me
21-Jun-00 - 02:57 PM
Thread Name: Looking for a Sound System
Subject: Looking for a Sound System
Hello Everyone, I'm seeking your advice and suggestions. I've been playing out quite a bit lately and want to purchase a small sound system. I would like it provide sound for the 2 separate accoustic guitars I play and for one voice mic. So I think a system that has 4 or 6 channels is plenty. I would need to carry this in my auto and set it up per each gig ( 3x's per week, different venues ), mostly smaller coffeehouses. I don't need the loudest system in the world and both my accoustic guitars ( a Gibson J-100 and a Martin D-28 have pick-ups ) so that I can plug these directly into the amp. I'm also looking for a great/good mic and stand. I'm hoping to spend $500 or less in United States currency. So, if you have a suggested system : Peavey, Kustom, Fender, Schure or ideas where to look or shop for one, I'd love to hear from you or read your comments. I live in Western New York State, in Rochester, New York , U.S.A.. I look forward to your comments. Thanks to all !