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Posted By: Whistle Stop
21-Jun-00 - 03:02 PM
Thread Name: Most versatile guitarist?
Subject: RE: Most versatile guitarist?
Good points, M.Ted. I suspect that the reason people didn't mention these folks is that relatively few of us know who they are or what they have done. Tommy Tedesco occurred to me, too, when I was originally replying to this thread. But then I realized that, while I am aware that he has played on an enormous number of records by a wide range of artists, I couldn't actually name any of them -- I know all this from reading articles about him, and interviews with him, but I can't actually tell you what he played on. Anonymity is part of the deal for session guitarists, especially on older recordings.

[By the way, another legendary session musician, bassist Carol Kaye, was recently the subject of a profile on public radio. She's still around, and has some fascinating stories to tell.]

As for Bola Sete, well, I've heard of him, but that's about it. And your message is the first I've ever heard of Dennis Sandoli. Guess there's still a lot of music out there waiting to be discovered (at least by me).