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Posted By: wysiwyg
21-Jun-00 - 04:26 PM
Thread Name: Looking for a Sound System
Subject: RE: Looking for a Sound System
Try Ithaca Guitar works, Ithaca. I use a Crate 2-input acoustic amp, one input for voice and one for autoharp. There are two models, one with lots of electronic bells and whistles and one with less. I use the latter and am very happy.

Shure's SM58 is an excellent mic and a workhorse that stands up to moving about. We use the lightweight folding tripod stands now for our mics, not the old heavy round-based clunkers. I use a fullsize music stand as well but there is also a small clip-on music or cheat-sheet stand that goes on the mic stand.

Dunno what you are doing gigwise but in most situations I have been in, the amp is fine without mixing equipment, and is much easier to manage. The sound on this Crate is so fine that now I have to relearn singing-- it picks up EVERYTHING!-- and it has PLENTY of volume.