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Posted By: GUEST, Sminky
02-Oct-08 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: Children's songs about gardens/plants
Subject: RE: Children's songs about gardens/plants
I came across this in THE NURSERY RHYMES OF ENGLAND,
obtained principally from oral tradition.

As a children's rhyme it starts off great, but then later on ...... well.... errr.... maybe not. Sorry.

Double Dee Double Day,
Set a garden full of seeds ;
When the seeds began to grow.
It's like a garden full of snow.
When the snow began to melt,
Like a ship without a belt.
When the ship began to sail.
Like a bird without a tail.
When the bird began to fly,
Like an eagle in the sky.
When the sky began to roar.
Like a lion at the door.
When the door began to crack,
Like a stick laid o'er my back.
When my back began to smart.
Like a penknife in my heart.
When my heart began to bleed,
Like a needleful of thread.
When the thread began to rot.
Like a turnip in the pot.
When the pot began to boil.
Like a bottle full of oil.
When the oil began to settle.
Like our Geordies bloody battle.