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Posted By: skarpi
02-Oct-08 - 08:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: So it has come to this - Iceland
Subject: BS: So it has come to this - Iceland
So all my friends , its the second of October 2008 and i should be in US at the Getaway , but instead I am here at home, few hours ago our PM
was in TV and we thought that he was goin to tell us what he was goin to do to help the people of the Icelandic nation , becouse , the problem in Iceland is not just the world money problem only its also home made problem that we need to fix ASAP , and he did not tell us anything .

US dollars , euro, or any othe money is not possible to have in the banks
here m and we have gasoline for 30 days in the country ??
So the Iceland is nearly goin to stop the wheels.

the index is so high that the payment of the houses is goin higher
every week . We have inflation here very high, and we also have
something called indexation , that means when the inflations
goes up our loan goes along with it , and although the inflation goes down again the indexation wont go down so like in my examble , my loan of the house has gone up about 4 million ISL KR , thats about 36000
dollars and about 20 thousend pounds , and it wont go down .

Iceland is in so much trouble , we have the smallest econamy system in the world and its not possible for us to control the problem .

I know there are also other nations fighting for their lives
but watch out.

it seems to me that if our coverment wont fix some of its problem soon
we are bankrupt . unless some BIG bank can help us out.

so my friends , if you have alot of money and wanna visit Iceland
now is the time, it should cost very little .

All the best from Skarpi Iceland , in a cold house , and in a white country , yes its snowin outside , should be christmas now .

so Best of luck everyone .......... with the future