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Posted By: Rick Fielding
22-Jun-00 - 12:38 AM
Thread Name: Most versatile guitarist?
Subject: RE: Most versatile guitarist?
Welcome back MTed, I missed you. the annoying anonymous flamers have gone to other pastures.

I saw Tedesco in a club once and was a bit disappointed. He did the better part of a set demonstrating how he could play in "any" style. He was quite verbal about it, but when he played country, classical, flamenco, and FOLK(!!) he appeared to play only chiches and phrases that were YEARS out of date. The audience thought it was wonderful but myself and the other two guitarists with me were sorely disappointed. In his last set, he played pop and jazz, which was much more enjoyable. Although technically he was very fast, we didn't find him to be very clean or inventive. I could never begin to approach his skills, so I'm a bit leary about any criticism, but that was my take. I certainly felt that (other than the reading) Lenny Breau was a far more versatile and inventive player. Still put Danny Gatton and Tuck Andress up there. What do you think of them?