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Posted By: Richard Bridge
06-Oct-08 - 12:14 PM
Thread Name: Fest sites no help to visually impaired?
Subject: Fest sites no help to visually impaired?
Our own Wild Rover and his friend Dave, both of whom are visally impaired have suggested this thread.

I may as well use their words: -

"Dave and I have noticed the same phenomenon in the last couple of years:

Until recently, it seemed easier to visit websites to find out who's on when at folk festivals. However, we are increasingly encountering official websites that no longer tell you when the acts will perform. Instead of timetabled events we are getting thinks like:

"We have an amazing line-up of guests this year, including A, B, C, ... X, Y, Z. You can get your programme from...

As none of the programmes are available on the website or in alternative formats, the end result is that we often decide it's too much faff and hassle finding out where to be when we want to be there, and don't go. Does anyone have any idea how festival organisers could open up programme information to people with print impairments again? We used to get a fiver's worth of information, now we get a quid's worth, if that, so to speak.

We wonder whether the information has been left off websites in an effort to encourage more people to buy programmes...which of course are as useful to us as chocolate fireguards.


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