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Posted By: Janie
06-Oct-08 - 03:20 PM
Thread Name: FSGW 2008 Getaway Pix & videos
Subject: RE: FSGW 2008 Getaway Pix
Bobert - I, for one, am going to be very, very nice to Dani's oldest daughter for the forseeable least until I can get my hands on her camera and find the delete button....

But folks - I do gotta say that Bobear is sumpin' else on that cigar box guitar. LEJ's harmonica was so hot I swear I saw smoke risin' up from it, and the finish blistered on the neck of Amos' guitar.

Iff'n you was thinkin' pennywhistle ain't a blues instrument - think again. Terry (Leadfingers) was fantastic, as was Linda Goodman on the washboard.

All us womenzfolk was purty hot too, what with our feathers and all:>)