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Posted By: Tinker
06-Oct-08 - 09:59 PM
Thread Name: FSGW 2008 Getaway Pix & videos
Subject: RE: FSGW 2008 Getaway Pix
Wow !! I never imagined a Getaway where I didn't pack enough summer clothes ! The weather was amazing and the people grand. I'm stil processing an amazing combination of music and well..... unique experiences. I didn't bring a video camera and when I wasn't rolling on the floor on Saturday night (or was it Sunday morning--that's a bit of the blurr....) It was an amazing exerience.

The Boberts Blues Jam absolutely rocked the house in a honky tonk, outside of time kinda way. Now Janie, I can't say I'm not sighing with relief that some of those pictures didn't survive. However Jacqui also has photos .... I wait in trepedation...

Peter T and LEJ absolutely have to post the Full Moon Blues they put togehter during workshop.

More as It beings to process.

So much love and laughter
               "...working for the good times to come..."