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Posted By: Emma B
07-Oct-08 - 08:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: So it has come to this - Iceland
Subject: RE: BS: So it has come to this - Iceland
'Utilization of geothermal energy increased rapidly during the war and reached 25% of energy consumption in 1945.

The use of the major indigenous energy sources, hydropower and geothermal energy, has increased continuously at the expense of imported energy (oil) and in 2000 accounted for 70.6% of total national energy consumption.

No other country covers such a large proportion of its energy demand with geothermal energy ( 53.9% in 2000), while hydropower contributed 16.7%. Imported fossil fuels (oil and coal) amoounted to 29.4%. Total energy consumption in Iceland in 2000 was 137 PJ -petajoules.'

Adapted extract from "Iceland - The Republic", Handbook published by the Central Bank of Iceland.