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Posted By: Big Mick
07-Oct-08 - 10:52 AM
Thread Name: FSGW 2008 Getaway Pix & videos
Subject: RE: FSGW 2008 Getaway Pix
I suspect you will all enjoy Genie's video's. She was recording most of the singarounds in the Peace cabins, so you will hear the banter. She also recorded the concerts.

I won't reveal the person, but one of the funniest moments ever happened one morning. Only at a music camp! I was cursing that Spaw wasn't there to catch it, because it would have become a rambling story thread, and would have starred the Reg boys. I had come back to sneak in a shower. Afterwards I am at the sink, shaving, and the door opens and someone comes in and goes into the toilet stall to have a morning constitutional. He didn't see me because the door opens towards me. It is quiet, and the usual assorted grunts and burps and other forms of toilet melodies are going on. Suddenly it goes quiet for about 10 seconds, then the person in the stall sings:

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

In a beautiful and rousing Gospel fashion. Then the toilet flushes. I had a hard time not swallowing my toothbrush. The timing was impeccable.

By the way, the cabins were wonderful, but what the hell was that greasy smudge on the window of the door in the Peace cabin. You would think they would clean them things. It looked like two quarter moons kissing, with little wispy marks all around them. I think I will write to the camp and complain.

On a serious note, thanks to Matt Watroba for introducing me to it, as well as Anne Hills and David Roth for writing it, for the song "That Kind of Grace". I hadn't sang it for quite a while, and came on it while rummaging through my song sheets (a habit of mine at Getaways). I love dearly when this gathering of supremely talented and savvy folksingers come together, and they listen, and then contribute to your song. It is a joy that one can only know when singing in front of other performers and fans of this music. Standing in front and getting the full effect of the gathered voices ....... I just have a hard time describing what flows through one's soul when it happens. Thank you, FSGW, for doing what you do. You have impact on me that I don't know how to repay other than to say from the bottom of my heart that I thank you.

All the best,