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Posted By: skarpi
07-Oct-08 - 04:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: So it has come to this - Iceland
Subject: RE: BS: So it has come to this - Iceland
well all , lets start :

Iceland isn't huge, so you should be able to get most places by bike.

Like John said , its not possible to go on bike in the winter time over the mountain s
and sometime in summer we get summerstorms witch can be bad .

Emma there are about 400.000 UK savers in ICESAVE .

Yes we are sending people to Moskva Russia to take care of a big
loan , 4 million euros , and also have Norway offer to help us
as always Norway ask if they can help .

Now people ask why Russia ? what is behind it ??
we┬┤ll what I have heard to day is this :

the sailing way through the north pole ice is braking
and they will have their good will with Icelandic coverment .

Iceland has started process to find a oil in a so called Dracon section
in the North of Icelandic sea . ??

Russian company has got a land in North west of Iceland for a oilcleaningcenter .

and do they want to have access of the old Us naval airforcebase
in Keflavik ??

now Iceland has always had a lot of trading with Russia through the years alway back to the after WW 2 til the day today so it may seem harmless that they want to help us throught this .

I am told that Putin has agreed this process so this should be in real in next week ??

so what ever people think , I was watching Tv tonight to bank manager
of the Icelandic central bank witch he explained the things
witch are goin on in Iceland at the moment and after his words
I have faith in the process they are doin now it will take some time
but we will rise again , but its gonna be painful for some
not for others . You can all find out more in your news becouse
there are lot of people from all over the worlds news .

and I thought all earthquakes had come to me this year :>)

Love to you all , all the best Skarpi Iceland