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Posted By: Jack Campin
08-Oct-08 - 06:08 AM
Thread Name: Fest sites no help to visually impaired?
Subject: RE: Fest sites no help to visually impaired?
If Holmfirth can produce a PDF then they can also produce a text file, which is far more use to a blind person. Some PDFs simply encapsulate bitmaps and are totally unreadable - the Niel Gow Festival in Dunkeld did that. Even the ones that do contain text make that text far more difficult to get at than it would be in ASCII, HTML or even MS Word format.

There are other benefits to providing information textually. Text can be easily copied and passed on virally by email, shared calendars or SMS.

I suspect the problem is often that producing publicity is seen as the same thing as producing a brochure, which in turn is seen as the sort of task you get a graphic designer to do. And graphic designers are uniformly a bunch of self-centred know-nothing parasites who only think about aesthetic values as defined by themselves and couldn't give a flying fuck about accessibility.