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Posted By: GUEST,Joerg
22-Jun-00 - 09:20 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Flight of Earls (Liam Reilly)
Subject: Chords Add: FLIGHT OF EARLS (Liam Reilly)
Still no chords? Try these:

I can [C]hear the [G7]bells of [C]Dublin / In this lonely [G7]waiting [C]room / And the [F]paper boys are [C]singing [(Am)]in the [G]rain [(F)][G]/ Not too [C]long be[G7]fore they [C]take us / To the airport [G]and the [C]noise [(C7)]/ To [F]get on board a [C]transat[G7]lantic [C]plane [(F)][C] / We've got [G]nothing [(G7)]left to [G]stay for / We have [F]no more [(Dm)]left to [C(G)]say / And there [F]isn't any [C]work for [F(Dm)]us to [G]do [(F)][G] / So fare[C]well you [G7]boys and [C]girls / Another [C]bloody [G]flight of [C]earls [(C7)]/ Our best [F]asset is our [C]best [G7]export [C]too [(F)][C]

These are by no means 'official' cords, they are my own suggestion. [x] means take x, [(x)] means try inserting x here, [x(y)] means take x but also try to replace it by y. What is better depends from the picking you use and also your own taste, and this applies for the choice between G and G7 anyway.

What is the meaning of 'earls'?