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Posted By: Don Firth
11-Oct-08 - 10:36 PM
Thread Name: Tech: classical guitar strings question
Subject: RE: Tech: classical guitar strings question
It depends a lot on the guitar.

I have a standard classic on which I use normal tension strings. I've tried several brands and tensions, and normal tension sound the best.

I also have a flamenco guitar, lightly constructed, but like all good flamenco guitars, the action was set low enough so there was a bit of fret-buzz, an integral part of the flamenco sound. I took it to a repairman I knew who was familiar with flamenco guitars with the idea of having him raise the bridge just a hair. He suggested that I leave the action as is and use high tension strings. He told me that the high tension strings would minimize the fret-buzz and increase the volume slightly, but lightly built as the guitar is, they would not harm the guitar at all. The high tension strings are not that high. By the way, it worked, and I've been using them for thirty years and the guitar is fine.

Both of these guitars are standard pitch length, about 25 and a half inches between nut and bridge.

I also have a travel guitar (built for nylon strings) with a shorter pitch length, about 24 and a half inches. I use extra-high tension strings on this guitar on the advice of the luthier who made it (Sam Radding, Go-Guitars, in San Diego).

These are all quite good quality guitars, incidentally, especially the flamenco. I used D'Addarios. Not as expensive as some and they sound just fine on my guitars.


Don Firth