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Posted By: jacqui.c
14-Oct-08 - 09:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: Happy anniversary to my darling husband
Subject: BS: Happy anniversary to my darling husband
Four years today!

I know that isn't a lot compared to the marathons others have achieved but that four years has been pretty busy!

We've both had fairly major surgery during that period and various health scares.

For me there was the major adjustment of a complete change of lifestyle - from full time work to retired, moving to a new continent, regular air travel to see my family and friends. Then there was learning to live with a crusty old curmudgeon who has the ability to irritate the hell out of me one minute and then just to make me want to cuddle up close to him the next.

Kendall has had to learn to live with my clutter and to my being bright and a bit noisy first thing in the morning, plus the fact that, as he says, I've stolen his dog.

In that time Kendall has opened the door for me to make new friends who have made my life so much richer than it ever was. He has also encouraged my singing and given me space to develop without trying to push me down a particular road.

These four years have been a mixture of laughter and anxiety, not so much tears, more a concern for each others wellbeing during difficult times.

It hardly seems a day or so ago that Sandy Paton sat at breakfast and asked us when, that day, we wanted to get married. It does seem to me, though as if Kendall and I have been together for a lot longer than four years.

Happy anniversary to my Sweetie - every day we have is something special to me and I am hoping for many more days to come.