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Posted By: Rick Fielding
23-Jun-00 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: Gov. George Bush (Texas) & LEADBELLY??????
Subject: RE: Gov. George Bush (Texas) & LEADBELLY??????
Dear Governor Bush. Thanks so much for joining this Mudcat discussion...we really ARE making inroads into the mainstream aren't we? I'm not sure if you can count on too many votes from Mudcat, but if it's any consolation, I doubt if Pat Buchannan can either. Al Gore will probably win the day here, but not because of his sparkling personality, strong convictions, and dynamic sex-appeal. His success will be due entirely to Catspaw's refusing to accept the nomination once again.

It's been our habit to welcome new members and point them in constructive directions, so feel free to browse the D.T. You'll find lots of songs about Jesus, hangins', shootin' irons and cocaine.

Hope you'll name a Secretary of Folk.