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15-Oct-08 - 09:05 PM
Thread Name: Utility bills scam
Subject: RE: Utility bills scam
Here in Aus, we seem to be better off: electricity, (I don't have gas... sorry!) Council Rates, phone, etc. I now need to budget each fortnight to pay in advance sufficient to cover the total bill cost (but I can usually pay up to about $100 if I am under), so that I don't get surprised when the bill comes. I sometimes pay more than a simple pro rata amount, then near XMAS, etc will stop payments until after, etc.

This way I can juggle DD payments online, and can arrange to have more cash in hand at times when I figure I will need it.

They DO offer this 'averaging' sort of game, but I prefer MY way, as I control who gets what (including me!) and when.

So say Rates - with pension discounts, etc about $20 a fortnight - depending on how much water I use... If I pay $40 a fortnight for a few months, I can actually be a full quarter ahead, so nothing to pay when a bill comes in. If rate rises happen, I have less panic factor, as I have a substantial buffer. If I get more than a quarter ahead, I can suspend payments for a while, then build up a cash buffer for me - at the rate of at least $20 (actually $40 if you consider that is what I may pay 'normally) a fortnight that is for me.