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Posted By: Eric the Viking
17-Oct-08 - 06:21 PM
Thread Name: Utility bills scam
Subject: RE: Utility bills scam
So far as yet, none of the credit card companies has done anything about it when I have done it, and it is some time since I did it last.They just carried it over to my next statement. Of course they may do something the next time if and when I decide to be silly.I think that the way the electricity company increased their charge for electricity is really abritary. They stated " 12 April to 24th August (915 units) Then 25 Aug to 13 Oct (320 units) at the increased price. How do they know I used 320 units between 25 Aug and 13 Oct when neither of the bills was for a meter reading? I may have only used 125 units so they could be charging me at a higher rate for 195 units. (Equally so I accept that I may have used more than 320, but I suspect not as the last months have been relatively wamish. We haven't watched tv much or used many electrical devices) Any ideas to argue this case?