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Posted By: Azizi
19-Oct-08 - 07:31 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: More Work for the Undertaker (F W Leigh)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: More Work for the Undertaker

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Subject: school song
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Asked by: mickey_one-ga
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I used to have a school song, here in England about 40 years ago!!!

It began "Sambo had an uncle, an uncle very rich, one day he said to
sambo, I'll give you 2 and 6"

i would love to find a fuller version of this


[Examples given that relate to "Bang Bang Lulu" and other rhymes; see linked discussion]

Subject: Re: school song
From: tim4444-ga on 06 Jun 2004 15:12 PDT   
Hi Micky_One et al,

I know exactly the song you mean and know two complete verses and a
third verse, which I can't quite remember. The text of the verses and
chorus are as below. Hope it answers your question. If you have any
extra inspiration for the third verse or any extra verses, then please let me know. Enjoy:

Sambo had an uncle, an uncle very rich
One day he said to Sambo "I'll give you two and six"
Sambo feeling thirsty, went in to a shop
Ten lemonades and ten ginger beers, and then he went off pop

More work for the undertaker
Another little job for the tombstone maker
In the local cemetery, on the tombstone you will see
"Sambo the brave and free pegs out"

Sambo had an auntie, an auntie very poor
One day she said to Sambo "Get down and scrub that floor"
Sambo feeling tired went upstairs to bed
He tried to climb the banisters, but fell down on his head


Sambo joined the railway, at this he had no hope
He tried to scrub the railway line with a bar of mouldy soap
Along came a runaway engine ......
He just rolled up his mouldy sleeves and tried to push it back




Subject: Re: school song
From: mickey_one-ga on 07 Jun 2004 00:17 PDT   
to Tim4444- what a pleasant surprise to get such an answer 2 years
after I posted. and its particularly good as we have a first school
reunion next month!

I think we should fill in your 3rd verse gap with something like "and
pushed him on the track"

btw did you know this from a London school?




Subject: Re: school song
From: tim4444-ga on 07 Jun 2004 13:43 PDT   

I am glad that my comment got to you in time for the reunion, I had
noticed that the request was really quite old. I was singing the song to my son at the weekend and couldn't think of the last verse - your suggestion sounds about right. I went to prep school in Sevenoaks, but think that I learnt it from my parents whilst on long car journeys. I have now also asked them and my sister for the last
verse...[Discussion about school reunions]