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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
26-Jun-00 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: Is Cm7sus a real chord?
Subject: RE: Is Cm7sus a real chord?

I am sorry, I wasn't thinking about the whole picture when I answered your question and I didn't have your second post.

You did the smart thing in moving the piece down a half step-and you should do one more smart thing(which I'll bet you have already tried), which is to ditch the suspended part of the chord and just play a simple old Bm7.

The reason is simple enough--the "sus" note that you add, (in the key of A, it is an"E") conflicts with the melody note of F# . It creates a second interval in a place where it really isn't appropriate, and it doesn't resolve in the right way.(I will spare you the explanation where the note should resolve, and why, because you shouldn't have to deal with that sort of problem)

You can also use a plain old "D" chord in place of the Bm7, or if you want to make it even more simple, you can play the Bm7 in place of the E7, and turn this into a two chord song. I liked to change the A to an Amaj7 and make it very jazzy--(just play one downstroke for each chord)


So after all the discussion that we have had, it turns out that the chord was just a mistake that some arranger made. The music publishers threaten to sue us when we trade chord progrssions on the internet, but they basically sell defective merchandise--music with mistakes, wrong chords, misleading keys(Folk guitarists never use Eb, unless the are capoed) and bad chords progressions--let's get some consumer protection groups on this--

If you think I am kidding, think about this--people buy music so that they can sit down and play it without having to arrange it themselves or figure out the chords and lyrics themselves. Think of all the trouble Marion and all the millions who paid the $15 or so that this book must have cost because the music doesn't work like it is supposed to. Marion had to transpose the part, and then one of the four chords was wrong, that is 25% of the arrangement. Forget about all the piano arrangaement she was force to pay for but not use!!