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Posted By: Paul Burke
21-Oct-08 - 03:47 AM
Thread Name: One song performers
Subject: One song performers
In the Folk Club Manners thread, people quite rightly maintained that you have to show respect for the performer of the moment. But I'm sure we've all been in the singaround, and it's Kevin's turn, and you KNOW that Kevin is going to sing one of three songs, because he's been singing the same three sings for the last 5 years, and you know he's going to leave out the pivotal verse 4 because the record he learned it off did that, and you know it's on;y 3 minutes out of your life, but 3 minutes a week adds up to... (counts on fingers)... several lifetimes when you combine everyone present for the last 5 years...

And after Kevin it's Siobhan...