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Posted By: kendall
22-Oct-08 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: Passin' Down My Martin D-18....
Subject: RE: Passin' Down My Martin D-18....
Bobert, if you give it to me I will trade it for a Taylor hehehe

Seriously, that is a great thing to do. I know how much that old axe means to you.Your are not giving up music, are you? Don't tell me you are going electric!!!

In 1956 I got a new Gibson J-45 as an anniversary gift from my first wife. Played it for many years and was quite happy with it until I ran across this Taylor 810. Love at first sight. The Gibson went under the bed and lived there for years. Dave Mallett comes by now and again, and he has always loved that old Gibson, so he would sit and play it. Much better than I ever could, so I told him, when I'm done with it, it's yours.
One day, he called to suggest we get together for lunch, so we met and I handed him that guitar. He asked why I was giving it to him, and I told him I just wanted to make sure he was the one who got it. You know what he thought, he looked at me and said "Why now? are you ok"? I said "Yes, I'm fine, why"?
He was relieved, and said <"Damn man, I was afraid you got a bad pap smear."