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Posted By: Midchuck
22-Oct-08 - 10:47 AM
Thread Name: Passin' Down My Martin D-18....
Subject: RE: Passin' Down My Martin D-18....
I did the same with my '61 00-18, to my daughter, in '01 or so. Of course, my motives were not as pure. The thing was a mess, structurally, and only marginally playable after decades of abuse, taken winter camping, etc., in a cardboard case. I figured my daughter wanted it for sentimental reasons, so I might as well give it to her.

But I sent it first to Bryan Kimsey in New Mexico, and told him to do what he could with it, then send it along to her in Montana. When I was out there the following summer, I got to play it for the first time since he'd worked on it. It was not only structurally sound, but while the tone was as sweet as ever, in power it could blow the average dreadnought out of the room. You could not believe the volume in an instrument that small. I'd regret letting go of it, but it still has that narrow neck, which is no longer comfortable as my fingers get older and stiffer.

And I get to play it whenever I go out. And it's safe. She has a Baby Taylor for whitewater rafting trips and such.