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Posted By: Hawker
22-Oct-08 - 02:05 PM
Thread Name: One song performers
Subject: RE: One song performers
Well, lets see.........
1) I am married to a Kevin, have been for 20 years, he often manages to sing a song i have not heard him sing before, that he has known for years his repertoire is VAST!
2) When I first started, I had a VERY small repertoire of songs that I could sing without crib sheets, as the folk world is often stuffy about crib sheets, I was stuck with those few till I had the capacity to learn more and the confidence to do so.
3) I have had a mini stroke and have trouble remembering words, but find a crib sheet is a good safety blanket.
4) I am also a songwriter, I like to sing a varied repertoire but often get asked for peoples favourites and end up singing the same old song again to oblige - I personally would often prefer to sing something else.
5) I run a folk club where we encourage participation, we actively encourage novice singers and musicians to try songs and tunes and allow them to have a safety blanket if they need one. Our club nights are varied, fun and very friendly, the chair does sometimes feel a little hard, but the knowledge that a person wants to have a go is priceless, and I have seen novices grow from positively not nice to listen to, to really great performers.

Tolerance is a marvellous thing, so if a fellow folkie wants to sing the same old song every week, be glad they wanted to share it with you. Talk to them and be encouraging to them, offer to lend them a song book, spend some time with them singing with them. I have a group of musicians who meet at my home every tuesday morning, to learn to play tunes in a 'session' type environment, none of us are brilliant musicians and we all have something to learn from each other.

Stop moaning and do something actively to help you and them. Life is a short journey, lets make it a smooth and happy one!
Cheers, Lucy