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Posted By: Joe Offer
24-Oct-08 - 03:45 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Ale, ale, glorious ale
Subject: ADD Version: Good English Ale
I don't know where the Digital Tradition song came from, but it's quite different from this version:


When I was a little 'un, my father did say,
"Whenever the sun shines, that's time to make hay:
And when hay is carted, don't never you fail
To drink farmer's health in a pint of good ale."

Ale, ale, good English ale,
Filled up in pewter, it tells its own tale.
Some folks like radishes and some curly kale,
But give I boiled parsnips and a great dish of taters,
And a lump of fat bacon and a quart of good ale

I pities tee-totallers, they drinks water neat;
It must rot their stomachs and give 'em damp feet.
I allus did say, a man couldn't get stale
On broad beans and bacon and pots of good ale.

When men goes to parliament their pledge for to keep,
They does nothing else but just sit there and sleep.
The next that I vote for will be a female,
If she'll keep me awake with a pot of good ale.

page 200, #120, English Country Songbook, Roy Palmer (1979, 1986)
Sung by the Cantwell Family, Standlake, Oxon.; collected by Mike Yates 21.6.1964

I think the tune in Palmer is different enough to warrant posting a MIDI:

Click to play