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Posted By: GUEST,Bob Coltman
25-Oct-08 - 07:16 PM
Thread Name: Paul Clayton biography coming in Sept 2008
Subject: RE: Paul Clayton biography coming in Sept

As the author I share your sense of frustration. I would so love it if this could cost $19.95! But Scarecrow is a small academic press and the press run is minimal.

Typically in such cases the prices are forced to run high ... no other way for the press to stay in business with rising production expenses in a small market where sales of a thousand or more copies are practically unheard-of. Thus no opportunity for economics of scale (which sustain the Danielle Steeles of this world) to take hold.

Believe me, I'm making no money on this. No one is. This is a case of more or less breaking even to have the privilege of telling in detail the story of a man who mattered a lot in mid-century folksong and still exercises a spell over many ... despite his, yes, SINSULL, rhythm-challenged (no doubt about it) ways.

Labor of love all around.

Kudos, then, to those who pony up for the price. I hope you will find it will give you a close-up look at a world of professional folksong now long vanished, introducing you to a fascinating singer and personality, and that you will find it worth your money.

And thanks everyone for the good words.

Best wishes,

Bob Coltman