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Posted By: Bee
28-Oct-08 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Finding Obits in Wales?
Subject: RE: BS: Finding Obits in Wales?
Susan, admin at the board is supposed to be checking it out. I'm not going to name the board, but it is huge, multi-topical, and in steep decline as a result of relatively recent new ownership. Admin has been changing more often than I change my underwear. Tech staff disappears without warning and without replacement. It wouldn't surprise me at all to discover no one there knows how to send an email.

Which is why I'm sleuthing. I've checked out a couple of professional associations he might have belonged to, but given it's Wales, I don't really know if there's twenty associations or just one or two, or if there are even more specific to specialty associations.

I may have figured out his last name, if it is the right person. The reported circumstances of his death may delay death notices - lived alone, found by daughter, and only in his forties. he was about to embark on a two week working holiday.

I'm not giving up, though. I went to the Netherlands as a Canadian with the first names of an American-Dutch artist couple and a hint about their lifestyle. The first week I was in Amsterdam, I was in a bar chatting with some locals. For fun I said, do you happen to know ____? "Why sure" was the reply "They're in such-and-such bar on Liedseplein every Tuesday night from about seven to ten". And so they were. Passed on the message the very next Tuesday.

Anybody can be found.