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Posted By: Richard Bridge
29-Oct-08 - 04:29 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Mandolin-Oval vs. F-hole?
Subject: RE: Tech: Mandolin-Oval vs. F-hole?
Hmm - maybe contentious. Technically, the analyis of box resonance is correct and there are some good loudspeaker cabinet design websites out there that will give you the maths - but they assume stiff box. If the sides of teh box (the top, back, and sides of the mandolin) are flexible - as in fact they are desinged to be - then each wllhave its own fundamental resonance and contribute to the sound. Certainly on guitars the top resonance is a much bigger contributor to the sound than the hole resonance, but this may be a lesser factor on mandolins since most have such stiff tops.

If youput a mandolin top under coherent light, you could draw a picture of the waveform pattterns in the top - I've seen such pictures for violins. These patterns (widely assumed to be the principle cause of the characteristic sound of a violin) will be different for an F hole or a round or oval hole, and wil also differ for the horned F-style body and/or archtops and flattops.