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Posted By: Bee
29-Oct-08 - 12:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Finding Obits in Wales?
Subject: RE: BS: Finding Obits in Wales?
No, HuwG - a much younger person. It appears there may be a delay on the obit appearing, since an autopsy had to be done. I'm confident in a day or two I'll have found it by using the publications people here have kindly provided. I knew the 'catters could help!

I myself am confident that it is no hoax - the story is too plainly told and sincere to be a nasty joke, but some of the younger posters are unable to believe it so easily.

This incident brought up a previous event, where a liked poster was dead for six months before anyone knew of it on the board, and then only because someone who had his email address squirrelled away found it and sent a message to which his family responded. That led to a discussion of 'Upon my death please notify...' lists, which to my surprise more than a few older posters, particularly those with professional internet-connected colleagues, keep, and which include any online/email contacts they wish to be notified.

I'm thinking I may do this.