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Posted By: artbrooks
03-Nov-08 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Teenager stoned: A Story, which beggars belief
Subject: RE: BS: A Story That Beggars Belief
Among the comments (admittedly cherry-picked) in Al Jazeera's coverage of this story:

TG Ethiopia
It is really very sad to hear a 13 year old raped girl stoned in the name of faith. I am also sorry on the Aljzeera it self, for the media which transmits a suside bomb blasts on daily basis like a soccer game the coverage given for this inoccent girl was was much more lower. I call all muslim brothers & sisters to disclose and strongly oppose this crime & inhumen act in the name of Islam.

Yaska Somalia

S/alaykum, I am from Somalia and what has happened in Kismayo was not fabricated and it was true. That little innocent girl was stoned badly to death by militias who are practicing unfairly. I am not aganist my religion Islam but strongly appose the way they have carried out the execution. She was stoned by fifty men to death and taken out from the execution hole 3 times to make sure her death. I was so heartbroken by what has happened in Kismayo.

Mohamed Somalia
Shocking and Bizzare that such brutal acts are happening now. The girl was 13 and there is no islamic that will allow an innocent child to brutally killed! I am somali and I know some of the relatives of that innocnet child who knew the girl from her bith. I hope those bastards including the devil Sheikh who claims to have judged the girl with her consent will be punished. The men who raped the girl are happily going in the streets of kismaayo coz they come from majority & an armed clan.