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Posted By: Allan C.
28-Jun-00 - 08:24 AM
Thread Name: B+A's EA Gathering at annap's 6/22
Subject: RE: B+A's EA Gathering at annap's 6/22
Yes, indeed! Our time at Annap's Spa and Relaxation Center was lovely. The pace Bill and I had been maintaining suddenly came to a most pleasant halt. The whole visit was quite a departure from any visit before it (but, then, no two were really alike). Mostly we just talked. Anna and Glenn had long ago heard our "greatest hits", so Bill and I played quite a number of songs that we had played no place else.

I grew up thinking that salmon, which I thought never lived outside of a can, tasted like what catfood smells like. Anna prepared some fresh salmon which fairly melted in my mouth. Gloriously delicious! Glenn helped to grill the steaks to perfection. There were the very finest in veggies prepared as well. Who could ask for more?

Anna was a bit concerned that due to the timing of our visit nobody had been able to attend the gathering. I assured her that, while it is always a pleasure to have a throng of 'Catters around, Bill and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to simply spend quality time with Anna and Glenn.

Two nicer people would be hard to find. Our thanks to both for a most relaxing evening.