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Posted By: Giac
28-Jun-00 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: Phrasing and Willie Nelson
Subject: RE: Phrasing and Willie Nelson
Many years ago I saw a Willie and Family Live tour
performance in a large university's basketball arena.
The stage was set up at one end, so that the audience
was on three sides of the arena and the band had their
backs to the fourth side.

The general seating performance was oversold, which
meant that the unfortunates who arrived at the last
minute were in the seats above and behind the
stage. My friends and I were among those. Willie had
done about three tunes (his band goes from one tune
straight into another with little chit-chat) when he
turned to get a drink that was sitting on an amp. He
looked up and saw about 30 of us peering down from
the dark. He grinned, and without dropping a beat or
a word, strolled around to each member of the group,
include his sister Bonnie on piano, and said something
to them. On the next tune, every performer (except
the drummer and Bonnie) turned around and they played
to us. For the rest of the long, intense, incredible
evening, about every fourth or fifth tune was aimed
to the back of the arena. When the crowd became aware
of his gesture, there was a roar of approval for this
superstar who actually cared about his fans.

And, he does make it look easy, doesn't he ...