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Posted By: GUEST,Ed Badeaux
11-Nov-08 - 12:14 PM
Thread Name: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
Wow! My cousin Nancy sent me this thread. Her husband Victor Googled my name and came up zorro's Mudcat inquiry. Since I'm not in the habit of Googling my name (I'll admit I did do it once) I had no idea of zorro's interest. For the record: Yes, I am Ed Badeaux, I'm 82 and still chugging along. I did teach guitar at the Jewish Community Center, and I was managing editor of Sing Out! magazine for a couple of rocking years when folk music (or a kind of hoked up version of it) was the pop music of the land. George Ward, it's good to know you're still around, Mary unfortunately left us by way of breast cancer a couple of years ago. And thank you Rick Fielding, for remembering my couple of years at Sing Out!, and especially my editorial condemning the Vietnam war, and withholding that portion of my taxes which paid for it. Or course, the IRS came and found me, and helped itself to that portion of my taxes I had withheld. The agent they sent to extract it was polite and even respectful, although the minute we finished the conversation he went to the bank and extracted Caesar his due. It felt good that I tried though.
If anyone is interested, I write a weekly blog at Google's blogspot, called Little Eddy. In it I mouth off on Iraq, and express my avid support for Barak Obama, Apple Computers, and other things I believe in. The URL mispells the word littlle, and is as follows: Thank you all again, it is really wonderful to know that someone out there remembers you enough to want to know what happened to you.

Bless you all, Ed Badeaux, , aka The Real Little Eddy.