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Posted By: Leadfingers
12-Nov-08 - 07:25 PM
Thread Name: From Max: Mudcat Update
Subject: RE: From Max: Mudcat Update
Mister Bliss ! I wish you WERE a member , then I could PM this instead of cluttering the threads !
I know where you are coming from with regard to the negativity re MudCat in the UK Folk world , but there is a LOT of Positivity too.
The Clowns who cause the trouble in here dont seem to be very active within Folk at all , either as players or Audience , but still DO put a lot of New People off ! If people didnt respond to the inflammatory posts , this would be a much happier place .
The Catters I have met in Real Life have ALL been OK people , wether
in UK , in the States or from elswhere in the world .

       LONG LIVE MUDCAT == And Max For President !!