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Posted By: Azizi
12-Nov-08 - 09:31 PM
Thread Name: From Max: Mudcat Update
Subject: RE: From Max: Mudcat Update
Rather than talk about who has been "kept out" of Mudcat-or who chooses not to post on Mudcat after lurkin here, I'd love to talk about how we could get certain populations of folks to visit Mudcat and post on threads. Specifically, I'd love to see more people of color posting on Mudcat.

I suppose there may be other people of color besides me who regularly or periodically post on this forum, but when a thread on race invariably is started, those persons don't speak out. Consequently, those discussions lack the myrid perspectives from people of color.

I've not been successful in the individual recruitment that I've done, but I know there must be other people of color who are interested in the wide ranging serious, research oriented, and/or lighthearted witty play on word discussion that we have here on music, culture, and so much more.

In the brick and mortar world, when integration was beginning, some civic,religious, education, or social etc groups decided not to wait for people of color to come to them, but recognized the need to be proactive about reaching out to these populations, partly because those groups recognized the value that they would receive in being more integrated.

I'm wondering, Max, if you would consider doing targeted publicity about Mudcat to online websites whose posters or members are predominately African Americans, Black Britons, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, and/or other people of color? An aspect of this targeted recruitment might be highlighting threads on subjects that might be more recognizable to persons from those populations such as threads on Caribbean music, or African music, or threads on specific artists from those cultures and other cultures {many of which are part of the larger cultures of the countries from which most Mudcatters come-the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia}.

If you are interested in this idea, Max, I'm interested in being part of the brainstorming as to how such targeted recruitment of Mudcat members-or simply information sharing about the existence of Mudcat-could effectively occur.

Thanks, in advance, for your consideration of this idea. And thank you for making this wonderful resource and community possible.