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Posted By: Colin Randall
13-Nov-08 - 12:24 AM
Thread Name: From Max: Mudcat Update
Subject: RE: From Max: Mudcat Update
While some people may be deterred from posting by the fear that they could be insulted, I've a feeling that most of us are sufficiently thick-skinned not to worry too much.

Robust argument is fine. In various parts of my life, I have been known to criticise, and I am perfectly prepared to receive criticism. If it descends into abuse, I persuade myself that I have probably won a point.

Maybe meeker souls should take comfort from the fact that abusers stick out so much that they simply bring contempt on themselves. Look at the fourth message on this thread (guest.e and signed G). No comment on the individual or his/her words is remotely necessary.

As others have said or implied, Mudcat is a special place. I enjoy the debates, long and short, and am especially grateful for the opportunity to draw attention to items at my own very modest site. I know that some of those items appeal to Mudcatters, because they have said so. But I am also realistic enough to admit that they would go largely unseen, and lead me to close the site down, if I had no means of alerting others interested in the music.

Salut! Live

ps I agree with the suggestion above that there should be an edit function. I write and edit for a living, but often seen howlers of my own only after e-mailing or posting in haste.