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Posted By: Spleen Cringe
13-Nov-08 - 04:38 AM
Thread Name: From Max: Mudcat Update
Subject: RE: From Max: Mudcat Update
Quote: "An idea for generating income right on this site is to sell members' mp3s with Mudcat getting a cut. See for an example. So many mudcatters are musicians and have music available for sale. Not all of it is available at Amazon, but could be available on mudcat to each other as well as to the public. This would be good for members and good for the 'cat."

In some ways, Mudcat is in a far better position to do this than, say, the late and lamented Woven Wheat Whispers, in that it already has an international profile and a huge pool of talented singers and musicians on tap. There is also, I reckon, knowledge out there amongst the membership about how to make such a venture work, too...

Meanwhile, cheers to Max et al for this place. Personally, I like the principle of running it on semi-anarchistic lines. Max's faith in our alibilty and desire to reveal our better selves is an object lesson in hope for humanity...