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Posted By: Jim the Bart
29-Jun-00 - 01:33 PM
Thread Name: Phrasing and Willie Nelson
Subject: RE: Phrasing and Willie Nelson
Once more I would like to make the distinction between someone who has a "great voice", i.e. popular or pleasant tone quality, and someone who is a great singer. Willie may not have the most popular tone, but he is a great, great singer, IMHO. He may stretch the listener's ears upon first hearing, or casual listening, but if you study the guy there is no doubt about it.

As to being hard to follow rythmically (SP?), he has a natural swing to his playing that you find in a lot of honky tonk music and that is difficult to follow if you come from a rock, straight-time (4/4) context. But to imply that he is a bad time keeper is a bit misleading. He's no worse than anyone who drinks a lot and smokes a lot of dope.

I can't hep it - I love the guy!