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Posted By: Goose Gander
13-Nov-08 - 11:47 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Pretty Polly?
Subject: Lyr Add: PRETTY POLLY

O, where is Pretty Polly, over yonder she stands
O, Where is Pretty Polly, over yonder she stands
With rings on her fingers and lily-white hands

O, Polly, Pretty Polly, won't you come and go with me? (2x)
Before we get married, some pleasure we'll see

O, she hopped on the horse behind him and away they did go (2x)
And where she was going Pretty Polly did not know

They rode over mountains and valleys so deep (2x)
Pretty Polly didn't know it was her time to sleep

They came to a new dug grave, a spade was lying by (2x)
Pretty Polly then knew it was her time to die

She knelt down beside him , a-pleading for her life (2x)
Let me be a single girl, I cannot be your wife

O, he opened her bosom, as white as the snow (2x)
He stabbed through the heart and the blood it did flow

He threw some dirt over her and turned for to go (2x)
But where he was going in this world he did not know

He caught a ship a-sailing down by the seaside (2x)
He said to the captain he wanted to see the other side

He sailed upon the ocean, for many days they went (2x)
Til the ship struck an iceberg, to the bottom she went

(N.D.) As sung by Paul Wiley, born in 1935 in northeastern Kentucky, and who moved to the state of Washington in 1964.

Comin' Round the Mountain: Old Time Southern Singing and Playing in Western Washington (Voyager Recordings, VRCD 2005).